Office Pods

and Booths.

Office pods and booths are self-contained, free-standing units designed to provide private meeting spaces within an office. These pods present a versatile and flexible alternative to traditional office partitioning, requiring no planning permission.

They cater to both individual and group use, boasting acoustic properties for enhanced privacy. Additionally, their ease of reconfiguration makes them a perfect solution for companies that might consider relocating or refurbishing their workspace in the future.

Improved Concentration.

In the evolving landscape of modern offices, office pods and booths have emerged as an integral element. They create private spaces in increasingly crowded office environments, fostering a sense of seclusion vital for concentration and productivity. These pods not only promote collaborative efforts but also help in reducing stress levels by offering isolated workspaces in otherwise open-plan areas.

A significant advantage of these pods is their adaptability; they can be easily moved within the office space, unlike permanent meeting rooms, leading to considerable savings in both time and costs.

Railway meeting pod for offices


In addition to their fundamental benefits, office pods and booths can be enhanced with the integration of technology. This includes charging stations for laptops and other devices, crucial for today’s digitally-driven work environment. Screens for presentations or video conferencing can also be integrated, making them not just a space for isolation but a hub for interactive and technologically advanced work processes.

Office pods and booths represent a transformative addition to the modern workplace. By combining privacy, flexibility and technology integrations, they provide a dynamic solution to the challenges of contemporary office design.

Whether for individual focus or collaborative meetings, they can be adapted to the evolving needs of businesses, making them an indispensable tool for forward-thinking companies.

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