Complete Office Furniture

Solutions To Suit Your Business.

At District Four Design, we specify, source and supply an array of office furniture that meets a diverse range of needs.

Whether you’re looking for furniture to complement a commercial design and fit-out project or seeking individual pieces to enhance your space, we offer tailor-made solutions that cater to all your requirements.

Furniture Services.



Our furniture audit takes a detailed view of your existing furniture to help identify items that can be reused in your new space, helping to keep re-fits on budget.



Space planning enhances furniture functionality and flow, using 2D layouts and 3D visualisation for optimal space utilisation.



Our selection of furniture is designed to meet your requirements, considering factors such as lead time, preferred style and budget.


and Supply.

We source top-quality furniture and fittings from award-winning suppliers, leveraging our independence to choose the best products tailored to your specific needs.



To ensure confidence in your purchase, we offer product samples where possible, allowing you to experience the quality first-hand and make an informed decision.

Delivery and


We manage the furniture installation for your project, overseeing the delivery to the site and adhering to your specified timeline.

Understanding the impact of the right furniture in your office is at the heart of what we do.

Well-chosen pieces can uplift employee morale, escalate productivity, and transform your office into a more dynamic and efficient environment.

This belief underpins our extensive selection of office furniture, each piece thoughtfully designed to support your objectives and resonate with the needs of your team.

Product Portfolio.

Soft Seating

and Breakout.

Make way for style and comfort. From casual meeting spots to welcoming reception seating.

Task Seating.

Office chairs designed to perform. Durable, comfortable and created with ergonomics in mind.

Desking and


Flexible and functional desk systems to suit every requirement. Standalone desks for individual needs or workbenches for multiple users.

Meeting and

Conference Rooms.

Meeting room solutions to suit both the traditional and contemporary meeting space.



Storage solutions for any space, from lockers to sideboards. Restore order for a clutter-free workspace.

Pods and


For focused work or private conversations, a quiet retreat within a bustling office environment.



Acoustic solutions enhance workplace environments by minimising noise and improving sound quality.



Reception desks are welcoming hubs in offices, serving as the first point of contact for visitors.



Tailor your home study in the same way as you would at the office.

The customisation options we provide are vast, ranging from a variety of colours, finishes, and fabrics, allowing you to create the exact look you envision for your office.

Our team of interior design experts collaborates closely with you, ensuring that every piece of furniture not only looks fantastic but also integrates seamlessly into your workspace.

This synergy between design and functionality guarantees a workspace that isn’t just visually appealing but is conducive to a positive and productive work atmosphere.

We pride ourselves on our partnerships with some of Europe’s most esteemed and innovative furniture manufacturers. This network enables us to bring you high-quality furniture options for any space.

We’re also independent, allowing us the flexibility to choose the best manufacturers without being restricted to a single supplier. This approach ensures that we can accommodate any design preference and budget constraint with ease.

Experience the difference of a workspace tailored to your needs.

Our Process Timeline.

We help you create a comprehensive furniture brief that meets every one of your needs. We work with you to understand your business, including what works for you already and what doesn’t.
Space Planning.
We’ll strategically plan out your workspace to optimise functionality and flow.
Based on the final plan, we‘ll put together a cost-effective budget proposal for your project depending on chosen finishes etc.
Selection & Finishing Touches.
Our experienced in-house designers work with you to select the best furniture for your space, working out all the intricate details to get the most out of your space. At this point, samples can also be requested where possible to get a real feel for the products.
Furniture lead-time begins when we place your furniture order with selected manufacturers.
On the day of installation, one of our team stays in close contact with you and the delivery teams to ensure your project meets agreed timeframes. We quickly adapt to any changes that may occur during this stage.
Sign Off.
Following the installation, we will conduct a walkthrough of the completed space with you, identifying and promptly addressing any snagging issues you may notice.
As part of our aftercare, you can easily contact us for any additional products as required.
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Lead times generally range from 2-8 weeks, but can be longer when including holidays. We can give you more accurate lead times once orders are confirmed.

Yes, as well as offering a vast array of furniture portfolio, we’re also able to design bespoke furniture pieces. We work alongside our joinery partners to create truly unique pieces.

No, we create a basic plan free of charge as we believe it’s an essential step in understanding your requirements and how to get the most out of your space.

Yes, we understand ordering furniture can be costly so we have finance solutions so you don’t have to miss out on getting high quality furniture.