Design & Fit Out for Burrito Picante, a new Mexican restaurant in Sheffield.

Client: Burrito Picante
Industry: Hospitality
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Completion Year: 2023


Burrito Picante presented us with a unique challenge: to transform a conventional space in Sheffield into a functional and inviting Mexican restaurant and takeaway.

We needed to strike a perfect balance between a vibrant visual appeal and functional design, ensuring that the space would not only draw customers in but also enhance their dining and takeaway experience.

Our main aim was to infuse the Burrito Picante brand with the vibrancy of Mexican cuisine, transforming a standard Sheffield venue into a dynamic, multifunctional Mexican restaurant. The design needed to be visually captivating yet practical, attracting and enhancing the customer experience.

Sheffield Interior Design - Burrito Bar


Bold and Vibrant

Colour Palette.

Inspired by the spices and flavours of Mexican cuisine, our colour scheme featured lively and bold hues. These colours were also carefully selected to reflect the brand’s personality and create a warm, inviting atmosphere.



We carefully selected a variety of tactile materials and textures to enrich the space and add authenticity. To elevate the experience further, we introduced feature lighting. Thoughtfully placed, these lighting elements not only illuminated the space but also accentuated the textures, enhancing the overall ambience and creating a warm, inviting atmosphere for diners.


Wall Mural.

A centrepiece of our design was the eye-catching wall mural as you first step into the space. We collaborated with a local artist to create a piece that combines Mexican art with iconic Sheffield landmarks, serving as a captivating focal point.


Brand Identity.

Every element of the design was aligned with the Burrito Picante brand ethos. From the colour choices to the furniture selection, each aspect was a reflection of their identity and commitment to offering an authentic Mexican experience.


The new design has not only captivated the essence of Mexican culture but also created a buzz in Sheffield.

Since the redesign, Burrito Picante has seen a significant increase in customer visits and their customers have expressed immense appreciation for the unique and immersive environment, often highlighting the overall ambience. The design has effectively reinforced Burrito Picante’s brand, making it a landmark for Mexican cuisine in Sheffield.

We’re proud to have contributed to the success of Burrito Picante and invite everyone to experience a taste of Mexico in the heart of Sheffield.

“Beautiful experience good vibes and great food service…generally amazing place 10/10”

“Best new burrito spot in Sheffield”

“Nice clean place, it has a good vibe and atmosphere…very friendly and welcoming”

“…great atmosphere & brilliant burrito’s…Modern branding and great shop aesthetic…”

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