Innovative Store Concept for Local Bakery in Doncaster.

Client: Leah Bakes
Industry: Hospitality
Location: Doncaster, South Yorkshire
Completion Year: 2022


Tasked with reinvigorating the visual identity of Leah Bakes, our aim was to elevate the bakeries interior design to reflect its growing prominence in the community.

With a successful year behind them, Leah Bakes sought a design that not only mirrored the high quality of their baked goods but also reinforced their brand, strengthening their position within a saturated industry.

Modern Bakery Design - Leah Bakes Doncaster




Our design centred around creating a vibrant and lively interior, infused with Leah Bakes’ brand colours. This bold approach was aimed at making the store visually appealing, stand out and be instantly recognisable to its visitors.



The design carefully balanced the primary function of a takeaway service with the inclusion of a small, inviting seating area. This consideration ensured that the store could cater to a variety of customer needs, from quick visits to leisurely stays. We also introduced clear wayfinding to help the customer journey throughout the shop.



As a family-run business, it was important for Leah Bakes’ values of friendliness and approachability to be evident in the design. We incorporated elements that conveyed a sense of warmth and personal touch, distinguishing them from larger, more impersonal corporations.

Enhanced Customer


Every aspect of the design was crafted with the customer’s experience in mind. The goal was to create a space where every customer felt valued and welcomed, encouraging them to become returning advocates for Leah Bakes.

Modern Bakery Design - Leah Bakes Doncaster


The redesign of Leah Bakes successfully infused the store with a bold and colourful atmosphere, reflecting the bakeries vibrant brand. The functional design effectively catered to both takeaway customers and those who wished to sit and enjoy their baked goods in a cosy setting.

This transformation not only enhanced the shop’s aesthetic appeal but also deepened customer engagement and loyalty. As a result, Leah Bakes solidified its presence in the market, setting a strong foundation for continued growth.


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Bold and colourful atmosphere.

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