New Brand and Interior Design for New Shoots Coffee Shop in Sheffield.

Client: New Shoots Coffee Shop
Industry: Hospitality
Location: Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Completion Year: 2022


New Shoots Coffee Shop, located in the outskirts of Sheffield, sought to redefine its identity and establish itself as a prime destination for coffee lovers. The challenge was to create a brand that not only attracted a broader customer base, but also still appeal to their regular customers.

Our aim was to blend Sheffield’s rich industrial heritage with contemporary design elements, transforming the shop into a welcoming space for connection, focus, and relaxation.

A crucial part of this transformation was to ensure that every aspect of the coffee shop – from its logo to its interiors – resonated with Sheffield’s unique character while also reflecting the city’s harmonious mix of urban and natural landscapes.

Branded Coffee Cup


Brand Strategy


We initiated the process by thoroughly understanding New Shoots’ ethos and the essence of Sheffield’s culture. This involved collaborative meetings and discussions to crystallize the brand’s vision and core values.

Visual Identity


Our creative team crafted a distinctive logo and visual theme that married Sheffield’s industrial legacy with a sleek, modern twist. We meticulously selected a colour palette and typography that echoed this blend.



We ensured that the new brand identity was consistently applied across all touchpoints, including the menu and interior décor. Consistency is critical in brand recognition and experience, creating a seamless and immersive experience for every visitor to the coffee shop.



The interior was redesigned to feature a mix of raw industrial materials and sleek, modern finishes. This approach aimed to create a space that feels both familiar and innovative. We integrated elements of greenery within the shop’s interior, mirroring Sheffield’s blend of urban and natural landscapes. This included modular indoor planters and a green wall.

Branded Menu Design


The comprehensive rebranding of New Shoots Coffee Shop led to a remarkable transformation. The new brand identity struck a chord with the local community, encapsulating the essence of Sheffield’s heritage and contemporary vibe.

The innovative blend of industrial and modern design elements in the interior created an inviting atmosphere, catering to a diverse clientele. The menu’s local focus, coupled with unique coffee offerings, positioned New Shoots as a culinary highlight in Sheffield.

The inclusion of green elements within the shop not only enhanced its aesthetic but also provided a serene retreat in the urban setting. Overall, the rebranding positioned New Shoots Coffee Shop as a distinct and cherished destination, weaving it into the fabric of Sheffield’s dynamic coffee culture.

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